Beauty Marks

Pretty Is Not Enough

20120606-174054.jpg This sign caught my eye at Bare Minerals today and I must say, this is the most inspiring thing I've seen at the mall in a long time. Ladies, pretty truly is not enough. God has called us to be beautiful and to leave our beauty mark on the world. Be encouraged today that God can use our beauty to lead people to Him. To change the world! Just like Esther, our beauty & loveliness can open a door of opportunity to save a generation of people! Beautiful one, you are a force of beauty for the kingdom. Let your light shine and never dim your light to make others feel comfortable. Be bold in who you are and leave your mark!

Emonne Markland Leave Your Beauty Mark

P.S. My husband & I will be recording our Attractive Factor love story video soon so be on the lookout! XO

My First Vlog!

Hey ladies! I have had so many post ideas in my mind over the past week or so that I decided to do a vlog for now and give you a chance to see me in person! I always love when other bloggers do that so I figured I'd give it a try too :). (By the way, do you have any topics or post ideas that you would like me to address? Let me know if you do!)

In this video, I share the purpose of this blog, as well as my testimony...and introduce you to my baby girl! Hopefully you will find my story encouraging and see the heart behind my passion for women's ministry and re-defining beauty according to God's Word. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to sharing with you again soon!

Emonne Markland: Leave YOUR Beauty Mark!

The Pink Lid


This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of young girls in Sand Springs, Oklahoma at The Pink Lid Purity Conference. It was a wonderful experience and we received great feedback on how the girls' lives were changed by receiving the truth from God's word regarding beauty & purity. On Friday night I shared a message called Breaking the Chains that I have been speaking on for the past two years at various youth events. God gave me new revelation on the subject and it was exciting to share the message of freedom in Christ with the girls in Sand Springs. I also helped model for our modesty fashion show and showed the girls how to have style and still be modest. It was so fun! I even had two girls from the audience walk with me down the runway at one point. They loved it & so did I. :)

On Saturday, I spoke on not settling for less than what God has for you in a mate & explained to them what true loves was based on what God has to say. Through videos about Godly couples and how they met, open panel discussions with me & our entire speaking team, makeup tutorials, dynamic messages on beauty and purity and group discussions that help apply the messages to each girl's specific needs, I know that the girls were blessed and left the conference full of God's truth regarding purity and beauty.

At the end of the conference, the girls made a pledge to remain pure in their thoughts and actions as they wait until the day they say I do to the man that God has for them. I signed as a witness to a few of the girls' purity pledges and was honored to do so. It means the world to me to use my gift of speaking and my testimony to help reach the generation of young women coming up behind me.

Next month, we will be doing another conference in Ada, OK and I can't wait!

Does your church have a purity conference or are you interested in having our team come to your church? Watch this video.

Emonne Markland: Leave YOUR Beauty Mark


Beautiful Stranger

Today, a stranger left her beauty mark on my day. After roughly 3 hours of consistent sleep last night, let's just say that I wasn't having the best day in the world. My sweet baby girl was crying and it seemed like I couldn't do anything to console her. Once she finally fell asleep, I sat on my bed and took a deep breath to clear my head. Some time passed, and before I knew it my husband was home from work for a home-cooked lunch. While he ate and watched Grace, I got myself ready for the day and prepared to head out and run a few errands.

One of my errands for the day was to go to Target and get rice cereal and diapers. As usual, Grace cried the whole way to the store. She hates her car seat. After snagging a great parking spot near the door, I got her secured into the stroller, hooked on my diaper bag, and off we went into the store. Before going to the baby aisle, I quickly browsed through the sale racks (as usual) and didn't see anything I couldn't live without. I then proceeded to the baby aisle and parked the stroller in front of the baby rice cereal. Contemplating which size to get, I opted for the large box since it was the best deal for the price. I then turned around towards the diapers and began my mental calculations of which diaper package was most cost-effective as I thought to myself, Man, I wish I had a coupon. Within seconds, a sweet lady standing in the aisle near me said, "I have a coupon for Pampers. Would you like one?" You should have seen my expression. (I'm such a believer in "the little things" in life). As a huge smile crept onto my face, I replied that I would love to have a coupon. "Hey, Lord knows, every little bit counts when it comes to saving money!" she said with a warm smile as she handed me the coupon. I went on to tell her how I've been trying to make my Target Baby gift card that I received at a baby shower stretch for the last few months, and admitted to using it for a cute top for myself every now and then. We both laughed and I thanked her again as I left the isle and proceeded to the register.

You know, we serve a big God that specializes in the little details of our lives. I believe that God used this situation, and this precious lady, to once again display His love and care for me. I just want to take the time to say thank you to Him, and to the beautiful stranger, for leaving a beauty mark on my day and turning my frown upside down. And now, in the best way that I know to show my appreciation, I will make it my goal to be a beautiful stranger and bless someone else in return.

Emonne Markland: Leave YOUR Beauty Mark!


Behind the Name

Beauty Marked is a phrase that expresses who we are as women. Every woman on this planet, regardless of the color of her skin, her past mistakes, her body shape or her geographical location, has been beautifully created, fashioned and marked by God. We are beautiful women made in the image of a beautiful God. We are called to do extraordinary things. We are destined for greatness. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, the word "marked" means "to make a visual impression or stain on". I believe that the unique beauty that God has marked every woman with is a visual impression from our Creator and a reflection of who He is. The purpose of this blog is to encourage women to discover their inward beauty and to confidently express it outwardly as we reflect our beautiful God. As a new mom and a fairly new wife of two years, I'm getting a personal crash-course on rediscovering myself amidst the fast-paced life of motherhood. I want to go on a journey with you as I share tips on how to strengthen your inward and outward beauty. This blog is open for moms especially, but is also for women anywhere from the studious college fashionista to the single, career woman that is passionately pursuing her dream. Let's walk together as we journey through the daily joys and challenges of life and learn to unveil the beauty in every situation.