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FNO Galleria 2012

While attending Fashion's Night Out at the Galleria mall in Dallas, my friends and I gathered together along the runway and eagerly anticipated a fall fashion show showcasing the latest trends. As the show began, we gazed carefully at each model's attire from head to toe and pointed out those which we liked the most. We quickly snapped photos and continued our observations of each model's representation of their designer brand. The show was fun to watch, and the models did a great job, but as I headed home I couldn't help but ask myself this question:

After the hair comes down, the makeup is wiped away and the clothes are hung back in the closet, what remains?

As a culture, it's safe to say that we put a strong emphasis on outer appearance. While there's nothing wrong with enjoying fashion and style, which I do very much, we must remember that our identity is not based on what or "who" we wear. We must find our greatest joy in things that are unseen and our identity in Christ alone.

If you're anything like me, you can relate to a time when you bought an item that seemed irresistible in the store. You just had to have it. And yet, once you bought it and tried it on again at home, it didn't have the same affect. Away from the bright lights and thumping music in the shopping store, it just wasn't...well...worth it.

That's what it's like in life. We have to be careful of "believing the hype" and getting caught up in things that don't matter. We've got to keep first things first and focus our attention on the eternal rather than the temporal. Our goal should be to dress well outwardly and inwardly alike.

Did you know that as believers we are God's kingdom models? Our assignment from our Designer is to represent His "brand" in the earth and model His lifestyle. God has called us to wear His custom-made "labels" and display His kingdom to others. To model His love and joy on the catwalk of life. To model His peace and wear our blessings well. Colossians 3:10, 12-14 in The Message translation says it like this:

Now you’re dressed in a new wardrobe. Every item of your new way of life is custom-made by the Creator, with his label on it. So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.

When we wear the wardrobe that God has picked out for us, we will always look our best. His love and kindness will never fade or go out of style. So, if you're wondering what the fall-must have items are for this season, these are our Designer's top picks! Let's confidently and boldly model His way of living. His wardrobe will never grow old...and there's nothing more beautiful and flattering to wear than that.

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Spring Style

Good afternoon, lovely ladies! I hope you had a chance to read the guest post that I did at Kathy's Prayer Life Lessons. If not, you can do so here. I really believe it was the best blog post I've done to date! So, I realized that I haven't done a fun fashion post in a while and wanted to show you a few of the outfits that I've been wearing lately. These pictures are from my Instagram account where I post outfit ideas and pictures of every day beauty. (If you're a part of the Instagram community you can follow me at Beautymarkedmom.) I've had a lot of fun incorporating all of the bright colors that are in this season into my wardrobe. Years ago, I had to wear all black every day for my retail job and promised myself that I would intentionally wear lots of color when I got another job. Thankfully, I work from home now and can wear fun outfits like these!


So tell me, what colors have you enjoyed wearing this season? My favorite is Tangerine Tango. I'll be doing a post on that soon. ;) Have a great day and don't forget to leave a beauty mark on someone's day today!

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Fashion's Night Out: Dallas Style


Fashion's Night Out 2011 here in the DFW area was a great success. From Northpark Center to Galleria Dallas, fashion enthusiasts across the city united for a fun night of shopping and entertainment. Here's a recap of how I spent my night! What I wore:

Honestly, I had the hardest time deciding what to wear for the night. Fun tee and feather skirt? All black? Color blocks? Dress? Pants? Skinny jeans? I looked at pictures of what people wore last year and even checked out a few blog posts on what to wear. Finally, with the help of my husband and mom, I decided on this simple, classy outfit. Stylish and modest are always my style goals.

The venue:

I did some research on each venue and chose to attend the FNO festivities at the Southlake Town Square, an outdoor shopping center in Southlake, TX. The location was close to home and my mom and I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather, so we knew it would be a great place to spend our night. Upon our arrival, I must admit that I was slightly surprised by the small crowd and lack of "hype". As we drove farther into the center, we saw that a crowd had gathered to see a fashion show that was going on. We parked and watched the show and then I took a picture on the FNO red carpet. Loved that.

What we did:

We started at Sephora where they were doing some makeup tutorials and offered refreshments from a local restaurant. We spent some time talking to the makeup artists and I was able to snag a pic with the lovely Stila cosmetics ladies. (Hello, Dani, if you're reading this!) I love Stila's Brown Sugar Lip Glaze, by the way. It's a little pricey for my taste but it's the perfect nude color for my skin tone. I usually request a new tube on my Christmas list each year.

After Sephora, we walked to Lemongrass Salon & Spa. On the way there, since they laid out the red carpet all throughout the shopping center, I snagged a fun photo of mom!

Now, I must say, my experience at Lemongrass Salon & Spa was the best part of our night. We both received a complimentary neck & back massage and were treated like queens. The staff was incredibly friendly and Nikki (our massage therapist) did a fabulous job. I had no idea how bad I needed that! They also had great refreshments including chocolate-covered strawberries, grapes, cheese and crackers and water with fruit floating in the jar. It was delicious. They also had hair care demonstrations and gave a goody bag of makeup and beauty product samples to each shopper. Well done, Lemongrass.

Our final stop for the evening was at Vera Bradley, and man is that place decorated to a T! I could live in there! Anyways, we saw some shoppers throughout the event carrying Very Bradley eco-friendly shopping bags and they told us that they were giving them away for free at the Vera Bradley store after you complete a handbag design sheet. So, like any free-stuff-loving shopper, we headed over fast. We sat down at the style workshop center in the store and spent at least 30 minutes working on our handbag designs using the colored pencils and rulers that they provided. After our designs were complete, we admired each other's creativity and went to the register to hand in our designs and get our free bags. Sadly, the associate notified us that they had just ran out and gave us some compact mirrors instead. We were disappointed to say the least, but the compacts were cute and featured patterns from this season's new designs. Here's a look at the handbags we designed.

My final verdict on FNO:

All in all, we had a great time together and were able to mingle with other ladies throughout the night. This was the first time that we had a mother/daughter night out as just the two of us since the baby was born! We got massages, free goodies, ideas on what to wear this fall from the fashion show and walked the red carpet. I would definitely suggest marking your calendar for next year and planning to go out with the special ladies in your life for FNO. It's a great opportunity to get dressed up and have some fun! Although there are some exclusive offers in the stores, you don't have to spend money. You can just browse around, get ideas for your fall wardrobe and make it a fun girl's night out with your Bible study group! My mother and I look forward to making this an annual mother and daughter tradition, and one day take Grace along with us!

Ideas/ Suggestions for next year:

Here are 7 tips that I formulated based on my experience at FNO and what I plan to incorporate into and consider for next year's plans:

1. Go out to eat before or after the event

Make a night of it! This year, I cooked and ate at home. Eating out would cost money, but if planned ahead of time it would really make the night fun. It would also keep you from devouring the refreshment platters!

2. Plan your outfit ahead of time

Try on various outfits and consider the following:

a. It's an evening event so incorporate colors/fabrics/patterns that are appropriate for night

b. What will the weather be like?

c. What styles are in for fall?

d. What do I feel most stylish & comfortable in?

3. Wear comfy shoes (I suggest wedge heels) or pack a pair of flats in your purse.

Keep in mind that no matter where you're spending your night, you are guaranteed to be doing a lot of walking.

4. Review the event calendar of the venue that you will be going to.

Select the top stores/ events that you want to attend and find out where they are located. This will save you a lot of time during the evening and ensure that you do the things that you really want to do.

5. Carpool!

Depending on where you're going, there may be a lot of traffic and difficulty parking, not to mention the possible parking fees! You're not always guaranteed parking spots near each other so this will make things so much easier, plus it's good for the environment! Turn up your favorite car tunes, sing and dance, and make the car ride one of the funnest parts of your night!

6. Arrive at your venue early.

Consider the fact that you may need to park far away and walk to the events. Give yourself time to attend the events at ease without rushing.

7. Have fun!

Take pictures! Get your makeup done! Buy a cute top if you see one! Just have fun.

So, how did you participate in FNO in your area? Do you have any suggestions for next year's Fashion's Night Out? I'd love to know! Share your thoughts below!

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1 Peter 3:3-4

Fashion's Night Out 2011!

Tomorrow evening, from 6pm to 11pm, fashionistas all over the world will be participating in the 3rd annual Fashion's Night Out: an extravagant night of all-things fashion and shopping. Celebrities, models, designers, fashion editors, style bloggers and shoppers (of course) will all join together and celebrate their love of fashion at the exclusive FNO events.

In 2009, American Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC & Company and the City of New York created Fashion's Night Out to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry's economy and put the fun back in shopping. Three years later, FNO is bigger and better than ever, and has now spread to cities small and large all over the world! Here in Dallas, events include fall fashion shows, special discount & promotions, stylist contests, free food, free manicures and much more. This will be my first year participating in FNO, and I am SO looking forward to it! I plan to spend the evening with the woman who has taught me how to shop and inspired my love for style & fashion, my mother. I can't wait to hit the town with her tomorrow, dressed in something fierce and ready for some fun. (Special thanks to my hubby for watching the baby!) I'll be sure to post some pictures soon! For real-time coverage and photos from FNO here in Dallas, follow me on twitter.

Want to get dressed up with your friends and participate in the fun? Find a FNO event in your area here. And while you're out tomorrow night, don't forget to allow your light to shine and let your beauty draw people to Christ. You never know how God may use you to bring healing and restoration to someone's life as you leave your beauty mark on the hearts and lives of those around you!

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1 Peter 3:3-4

The Pink Lid


This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of young girls in Sand Springs, Oklahoma at The Pink Lid Purity Conference. It was a wonderful experience and we received great feedback on how the girls' lives were changed by receiving the truth from God's word regarding beauty & purity. On Friday night I shared a message called Breaking the Chains that I have been speaking on for the past two years at various youth events. God gave me new revelation on the subject and it was exciting to share the message of freedom in Christ with the girls in Sand Springs. I also helped model for our modesty fashion show and showed the girls how to have style and still be modest. It was so fun! I even had two girls from the audience walk with me down the runway at one point. They loved it & so did I. :)

On Saturday, I spoke on not settling for less than what God has for you in a mate & explained to them what true loves was based on what God has to say. Through videos about Godly couples and how they met, open panel discussions with me & our entire speaking team, makeup tutorials, dynamic messages on beauty and purity and group discussions that help apply the messages to each girl's specific needs, I know that the girls were blessed and left the conference full of God's truth regarding purity and beauty.

At the end of the conference, the girls made a pledge to remain pure in their thoughts and actions as they wait until the day they say I do to the man that God has for them. I signed as a witness to a few of the girls' purity pledges and was honored to do so. It means the world to me to use my gift of speaking and my testimony to help reach the generation of young women coming up behind me.

Next month, we will be doing another conference in Ada, OK and I can't wait!

Does your church have a purity conference or are you interested in having our team come to your church? Watch this video.

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Hair Story: High Bow Bun


This summer has yielded the most relentless hot weather I have ever experienced. When it comes to my hair, the best hairstyle for this blazing heat is a high ponytail or bun. No bangs, no pretty curls...just swept back and up.

This Saturday, I was putting my hair up and created a fun hair bow bun! Here's how to create your own stylish, hair bow bun:

1) Brush your hair back & up and secure it into a high ponytail with a ponytail holder. 2) Pull your ponytail through the holder just enough to make a loose, hanging bun. 3) Take a small section of your bun from the front & center and pull it forward, releasing it from the ponytail holder. (I used the short section from my bangs) 4) Wrap that section of hair under your ponytail holder and pull a part of it forward to create a small puff. Blend the rest of it into the loose bun. 5) Pull a few strands of hair from both sides of your bun and release them from the ponytail holder, making them the hanging parts of the bow. 6) Style as desired and make it your own, unique hair bow bun!

Let me know if you try it out and how you like the style! I know you'll look beautiful! :)

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Shopping Testimony!

Since the beginning of my BeautyMarkedMom journey, my posts have been focused on developing your inner beauty and taking time out for yourself on the "Do You!" page. Today, I'm excited to share my first post on style & fashion. For those of you that don't know me well (yet), I am the ultimate bargain shopper and love putting together outfits according to my ever-evolving personal style. I never ever ever pay retail price for any of my clothes, my husband's clothes or my daughter's clothes. My mom taught me a long time ago how to shop for stylish, designer clothing and only pay a fraction of the cost. My motto/goal when it comes to shopping is this: "Buy the most stylish, well-made item for the lowest possible price". That's just how I roll! Not only is it extremely cost-effective to bargain shop, but it's also extremely fun!! Especially when you see that item that you've had your eye on for weeks finally go down to the perfect price. Ahhhh, what a feeling :). This past weekend I got a chance to go shopping at Target and Marshall's, two of my favorite stores, to find great deals on stylish pieces. On Saturday morning I received my monthly Target mobile coupons, which I tweeted to all of my twitter followers (share the love, right?!), and saw that there was one for $3 off any Merona women's item over $10. Now, this coupon was valid on even Merona items that were on sale, so I was too excited to head to Target & see what I could find. When I got to the store I scanned the full-price racks on my way to the sale section. Didn't see anything I couldn't live without. Then I looked thoroughly through the 50% off, 75% off and finally the 30% off racks. In that exact order. (The 30% off rack is a last resort because I've noticed that the items there end up getting marked down to 50% in a few weeks so I just wait it out). Anyways, I found a beautiful coral dress that zips up the back & ended up only paying a whopping $9.00! Shopping testimony! Holla if you hear me! I was so excited. The item was originally $24.99 so I think it was a great deal. And with the whole outfit put together with my Nine West gladiator wedges, Ann Taylor Loft necklace & rose gold stud earrings (I LOVE rose gold), I know that I purchased a quality piece to add to my summer wardrobe. And I have something cute to wear on my next date night!

So, since you've been so kind as to read my entire post, you know I've gotta share the love and jump-start your week with some coupons! Here are a few Target mobile coupons that you can redeem using the barcode right from your smartphone!

Have a wonderful week and please stop by and share your shopping testimony!

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