Am I Ugly or Pretty?

Am I Ugly or Pretty?

At some point in every young woman's life, she looks in the mirror and silently asks herself: "Am I ugly or pretty?" Looking intently at her reflection, the blemishes on her face seem to grow in size. Comparing herself to the popular girls at school and models on the magazine covers & music videos, she feels overweight and/or underdeveloped. My hair is too short. My ears are too big. My eyes are too small. My nose is too big. My skin is too dark. Thoughts like these swirl through her mind, building in intensity and growing louder and louder until she escapes from the mirror in disgust, wishing she looked like someone else. I can remember having this experience as a young woman, and know full well what it's like to battle thoughts of insecurity and inadequacy.

Pretty Is Not Enough

20120606-174054.jpg This sign caught my eye at Bare Minerals today and I must say, this is the most inspiring thing I've seen at the mall in a long time. Ladies, pretty truly is not enough. God has called us to be beautiful and to leave our beauty mark on the world. Be encouraged today that God can use our beauty to lead people to Him. To change the world! Just like Esther, our beauty & loveliness can open a door of opportunity to save a generation of people! Beautiful one, you are a force of beauty for the kingdom. Let your light shine and never dim your light to make others feel comfortable. Be bold in who you are and leave your mark!

Emonne Markland Leave Your Beauty Mark

P.S. My husband & I will be recording our Attractive Factor love story video soon so be on the lookout! XO