Hello beautiful! 

Whether we're friends on Instagram or you stumbled upon my site through a google search, I'm glad you're here and want to share a little bit about myself. In a nutshell, I'm a cancer-surviving wife and mom who loves Jesus and is passionate about seeing women rise up in freedom, identity and purpose. My life motto is "Leave Your Beauty Mark" and I believe we all can do just that!

Now, before I begin sharing with you what I do, I'd like to share who I've learned that I am. My primary identity is a daughter of God, and in that I have learned to be confident, content and loved. As a go-getter by nature, life has taught me not to find my identity in what I do, because my assignment can shift in obedience to God's leading from season to season, while my sonship will never change. My relationship with God is of the utmost importance, because in Him I find my true purpose, peace and satisfaction. Thank God! 

As a wife and mother, I'm learning so much in every season and as the years pass I'm doing my best to build upon the foundation of the previous and heed the wise counsel of my mother and other women who have gone before me. My husband and I have been married for 10 years and we have two children, Grace and Josiah. We met in college at Oral Roberts University and now after 10 years in DFW, we replanted our family to serve on the team at Victory Church in Tulsa, OK. Although we live fast paced lives with work, school, church and community, we still make our family time a priority and enjoy one another's company. 

 For as long as I can remember, I've had a desire to encourage young women. I just believe that as women, we all are responsible to reach back and help a sister out. To let her know what we see her, and that she's valuable and beautiful. For me, that encouragement comes in various forms and expressions. From mentorship, serving at my home church, sharing an encouraging note on social media to writing my first book for young women in 2013 titled, Break Every Chain. Writing that book was an incredible process of growth for me, and I'm always amazed to receive the positive feedback from readers on how it has helped them break free. Who knew that a vision from God at a youth leader training event would turn into a sermon and one day become a book? God never ceases to amaze me.

I've had the opportunity to speak at women's conferences, local churches, youth events, girl's conferences, and in 2015, my husband and I founded Leave Your Beauty Mark, a newly launched organization that connects and empowers women to live on purpose. Our monthly coffee connect groups and annual 20/20 conference have built a place of community and vision among women.

Professionally, I’ve worked as a TV producer and have served on the board of directors at Oral Roberts University. Currently, I am committing my full attention to help bring in the harvest here in Tulsa through digital reach and storytelling. It seems like a lot, but I'm thankful for the grace to be fruitful in all of these areas.

Back in April 2007, if cancer had it's way, all of this could have been stopped. I remember having to leave school during the last few weeks of my junior year at ORU and moving back home to have major lung surgery to remove a malignant mass. It was a whirlwind, but God had prepared me in the months prior through a season of isolation that I'm so glad I surrendered to. Through much prayer and the gifted hand of an amazing doctor, I am now cancer free. During the summer of 2007, I re-learned how to walk, talk, eat and drink and went on to complete my Bachelors degree in Mass Media Communications in May 2008. It was quite a process, but God was with me every step of the way.

Last but not least, your girl likes to have fun. (Which honestly, when you're a mom, that means having some alone time with a latte in one hand and a book in another.) But besides that once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, I enjoy spending time with my family, drinking lattes, eating salmon & sweet potato fries, encouraging others, creative art expressions, personal style and beachside bike rides. 

Well, that's me! Thanks for taking the time to read about my story. You can stay connected with me on social media and through my email list! I look forward to connecting with you too!





Our Story

It all started on the campus of Oral Roberts University. God told Stephan to pursue me, and for three years I ran in the opposite direction. But while I was running, he was praying. In April 2007, I faced a health battle with cancer, causing me to leave the university and take time to recover from surgery. And it was at this time that Stephan and I began to get to know each other better and finally the scales fell from MY eyes. That summer we were engaged, and then were married in April 2009. Just two years later, in April 2011, Grace Markland made her debut into the world and now we can't imagine life without her bubbly personality and angelic singing voice. And six years later in 2017, Josiah Markland entered our world and changed the game. We love our little guy immensely. As a family, we desire to use our unique gifts in concert together to glorify God and uplift His people.