There’s a Blessing in the Pressing

A little over a year ago, I made the choice to press in & spend some quality time with God and really delight myself in Him. I read though the Word, prayed and made it a point to seek Him more than usual. I was pregnant at the time, and my husband had to work that Saturday, so I decided to spend some time with my mom and grandmother. We met up at a local mall around 10 am, not long after I had spent my time in prayer. We weren't really shopping, we just walked around and enjoyed each other’s company. Well, as we were leaving, I felt an urge to stop by the Nine West store. It was out of the way from where we parked, but my mom and grandmother agreed to press on with me anyways. As I walked into the store and looked toward the sale section (of course), I couldn’t believe my eyes. A very prominent speaker and Bible teacher that I admire greatly and had always wanted to meet was shopping in the store with her young children and assistant. I was so excited that I seemed to be drawn to her like a magnet! I joyfully approached her and with a large, and probably silly-looking, smile I asked, “Mrs. So-and-so, can I have a hug?!” She graciously smiled back and gave me a warm hug. I went on to tell her how much I admired her ministry and had just read about her in the NY Times the night before. After kindly juggling the task of watching her children and listening to me, she said a few words to me and exited the store. Now honestly, I could care less what shoes were on sale after that! I know without a shadow of a doubt that God led me to that store not only to give me a desire of my heart (Ps. 37:4), but to reveal to me that when I press in, despite the inconvenience it may seem to cause, there is a blessing on the other side. This week, let's keep this simple principle in mind: When you press, you get blessed.

Press on, beautiful ladies!

Emonne Markland

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