Often times, when we take our eyes off of God and focus on our situation, we begin to experience fear. We freeze up at the thought of what "could" happen. We stop progressing in our walk with God as we place matters into our own hands instead of looking to God for help in our time of need. I know that things get rough. I know the problem is big. But God is bigger. He is greater than your circumstance. And He is in control, even when it doesn't seem like it. Consider Job. He went through some major let downs. All of his children died, all that he owned was destroyed and even his health was attacked! His wife told him to curse God and die and his friends all came up with judgements on why he was suffering so badly. But did you know that Bible scholars believe that his trial was only about 9 months long? It was temporary! A short season, considering the fact that he lived to see his children's children all the way to the 4th generation! (God blessed him with more children after the season of trouble subsided. See Job 42:10-16). Be encouraged and know that God is in control! Release your desire to be the potter in your life and let Him get back to work on your behalf. Know that He is the Potter and you are the clay. Trust Him. Walk on the water. Remember this as you go: Fear paralyzes. Faith mobilizes. Don't be afraid to walk by faith.

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